Katthotellet Villa Minnet

International catz!

So, this week we were pleasantly surprised to still have quite a few guests here! It would seem that people are starting to travel and do the things people do – especially now that we are enjoying the very peak of peaks of summers here in Stockholm. We had 31 degrees C here today and that is close to astonishing!

Why do we write this post in english then, one might ask? Well, we have international guests with us and that is always a treat! A couple of days ago, Joep checked in here and this wonderful house kitty is originally from the Netherlands, driven here by car, having previously been run over in a car accident but coming out of it unscathed and loved by his new owners. An absolute treat to have here!

The other guys that checked in here go by the names of Giacomo and Luca. Giacomo is a 13 year old Maine Coon male that listens to the name ”Jack” and although he has been somewhat grumpy for a couple of days, he now enjoys the great outdoors here. Luca is a house cat that always greets us with snuggles when we enter their room!





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